Snail Bob

Snail Bob is a game for kids with a lot of innovation and a lot of intellectual puzzles. Here’s some information about Snail Bob and how you might enjoy it.

In this game, you control Snail Bob, who is a patient snail. Patience is the key to these games. There are 8 different ones available on the site, and they are each different in terms of theme and what you need to do to win. One thing that they all have in common, however, is that patience and thinking it through is key. You definitely never want to just move without thinking because this is a sure way to end up losing out. 


In the early parts of the game, you’re trying to get home through the forest. There’s a lot of emphasis on moving the right way through the course and avoiding obstacles. However, there’s also a lot of emphasis on solving puzzles. You need to hit the right levers, pay attention to counterweights, and think through the whole course before you end up taking a deadly wrong turn. 


Other parts of the game involve saving bob’s grandfather, meeting a girlfriend, saving friends from being kidnapped, being transported back to ancient Egypt, and a lot of other plot points. A lot happens over the course of the 8 games so it’s definitely worth sticking through the game if you want to find out what happens throughout. There are themes for each game, and some of these themes included in space, in ancient Egypt, multiple forests, and much more on top of it all. There are brain teasers throughout the game as well so the games will keep you on your toes.

The forests are full of enemies that could cause problems for the intrepid snail. These are definitely the sort you want to avoid, and running around them is going to be tricky, not to mention a lot of fun. It’s the combination of trying to figure out all of the puzzles while going through all the action elements that make this game so unique. Other games may have one or the other, but it’s a lot more interesting to have to do both at once and those who value intellectual games as kids will be the ones most likely to be really into his kind of gaming experience. 

Overall, it’s definitely a game that makes you think and keeps your mind active. In many situations, you have to plan out your moves ahead of time. This is how people are going to enjoy the game the most, namely by looking at the field and strategizing how to get through it. It’s a game that emphasizes the patience of a snail and it will definitely appeal to those who love a combination of puzzle games and something with a bit more action combined tougher. It’s certainly colorful and fun to play with a lot of variety in the game.