Online Flash Games

By adminops /

Online Flash games are video games that can be played from a browser and unlike most common video games of today, these don’t require you to download large files and install the game.

Regardless of playing Flash games alone or with other players, you will require to have an Internet connection because the files of the video game you will be playing are not located in your computer for the most part but on the Internet, on the web site you are using to play Flash games.

Flash games have been pretty common on the last two decades and they still have millions of users playing them every month. There are a big variety of reasons for this to happen but more often than not the main reason making Flash games so popular is that they barely have any hardware requirements. As long as you have a computer, even if it’s really old, it should be able to run the majority of Flash games without much struggle. Also, some of them have been specifically built for Smartphones as well so not all Flash games are specifically made for computers.

One of the most popular Flash games of the last 15 years has been “Angry Birds” which is a simple video game where you have to throw away your birds as if they were bombs in order to win a war against the “Pigs.”

This game alone had more than 100 million different users only after a few years released, because even if most Flash games are really simple, they can be as funny as any other complex games full of high quality graphics, and sometimes they can be even more addicting due to their simplicity!

Certainly, Flash games have given lots of people so much fun and they will continue to do so for many years more!